Today is my third day of turning my second expander. The first two turns were so easy that I wondered if I was doing it wrong. Today’s turn actually had some sensation with it, I felt a bit of resistance and now I have some tingling in-between/above my front teeth. I had wondered if there would be a tiny bit of relapse during the few minutes that the old expander was out and before the new one was in, I think that does happen. I feel like the previous two turns were catching up to where I was. I am on one turn a day.

Yesterday I had an epic energy crash, I felt groggy throughout the day, and when I finished work I went to bed and slept for several hours. I wonder if it was a sort of delayed stress reaction to the installation. Maybe it affected me more than I initially thought.

Tomorrow I am seeing an osteopath. A lot of folks on the different Facebook groups and forums seem to think osteopathy or craniosacral therapy helps with expansion orthodontics, so I’ll give it a try. My health insurance covers 90%, so why not.

30 year old male, undergoing MSE and maxillary protraction for Class 3 malocclusion. Never had orthodontic work before, have all 32 teeth.