Day 15: Pressure in left anchor tooth

This morning when I did the turn I felt like it took longer than usual for my face to adjust, and I felt some discomfort and pressure on my left first molar, the tooth with the MSE band on it. That tooth has had a bit of movement over the years as my bite changed from oral posture and nosebreathing, and it is the tooth that has the most gum recession. One of my main concerns about MSE is that it would use that tooth as an anchor. The discomfort took about half an hour to go away, instead of the usual couple of minutes. I also felt some weird nostril tingling for a bit. Maybe something is finally happening.

For a few days I have had random, slight pressure on the right side of my face. The right side of my upper teeth tend to tip in a bit more than the left side, so it sort of makes sense that the right side needs to expand more in the beginning. If it was the left side I’d be a bit worried about uneven expansion.