A few days ago the sleep study doctor called me, and it turns out I have no sleep disorders. He said there was no apnea, no breathing issues, the brainwaves, heartrate and oxygen were all normal, and there was no excessive bodily movement. He did say that I snore some, but he seemed to think it was minor.

I’m not getting maxillary advancement surgery. If there was a sleep problem, then that would radically shift the cost-benefit analysis of surgery. No sleep problem means no risking a lot.

I know that a lot of people have shared their sleep study for others to look at. I have not yet gotten a full copy of it, so I can’t share it yet. I’d be interested in having someone knowledgeable about Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome take a look at it.



Class 3 MSE

30 year old male, undergoing MSE and maxillary protraction for Class 3 malocclusion. Never had orthodontic work before, have all 32 teeth.